We at JonMar Creations can assist your organization in reaching your fundraising goals.  We can provide you with brochures and order forms for our Christmas and Kwanzaa program.  Following is a breakdown/sales chart that shows how we can accomplish this for you and your organization:

# of Boxes Purchased Cost Per Box Profit
25 Boxes (min purchase) $8.00 $100.00
25 to 75 Boxes (if max purchased) $7.50 $300.00
76 to 100 Boxes (if max purchased) $7.00 $400.00
100 Boxes (call for quote if more) $6.50 $550.00

Christmas/Kwanzaa boxes retail for $12.00 for 15 cards and envelopes.  Assortments cost $9.00 and retail for $15.00.   As you can see, the more boxes sold the greater your income.  Please complete the form below and forward that information requested.  If you have additional questions, please see our contact information and email and/or call.

It is very easy to sell our products.  Take orders and collect the funds at the same time.  It will be amazing the amount of enthusiasm this project will create!  These are some of the finest, most sought after cards on the market today.  So if your church, school, sorority, fraternity or civic organization has interest in this program, complete the form below, send it in, and let’s get started!